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Dash Cam! Okay, you've convinced me, but where do I start?

Time£º2018/3/28 Posted£ºShenzhen Woolkom Industry Co.,Ltd
Glad to hear you're interested! To start, it depends a bit on what you do and what you drive.

For example, the basic go-to camera that suits the majority of people would be a one, single camera mounted on your dashboard. That will see and record 95% of everything that is in front of you.

However, if you are a taxi driver or an Uber driver, and want more security, we also offer a wide range of dual cameras. These cameras record both the front of the car as well as inside the interior of the car.

Choosing the right camera can be an adventure, but you can contact us any time at or send us a message down below if we are online, and we'll be happy to help you the best way we can!   Posted by Woolkom®

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