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¡¾Brief ¡¿£ºGimbal 360¡ã Rotation Smart face Tracking Tripod Selfie Auto Tracking Tripod Smart Following Face and Object Intelligent shootings Phone Mount, AI Robot Tripod for Phone Apai Genie.
¡¾Series¡¿£ºApai Genie 360¡ã

Product description:

1. Smart Portable Tracking Selfie Stick 360¡ã Rotation Auto Face Object Tracking CameraTripod Holder, NO APP Required, Smart Shooting Cell Phone Camera Vlog Shooting Mount Holder.

2. Enhance your mobile capability with 360 device tracking, smooth movement, and no more help need to capture your best moments

3. Be your own Cameraman and use this innovation to capture your daily videos, it will track your movement smoothly, so turn it on and let it follow you anywhere

4. When your hands are busy, it will be your smart assistant

5. Compatible with various live streaming platform support a variety of live steaming platform such as Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube etc.

6. Enjoy your moments with it and record you best times

7. Product weight: 0.25 kg

8. Supported Phone size: 56-100mm

9. Product size: 9.3 * 9.3 * 16.5cm / 3.7 * 3.7 * 6.5 inches (length * width * height)

Product features:

1. 360¡ã Horizontal rotation

2. Object tracking

3. Face tracking

4. Smart shooting

5. AI composition

6. Horizontal and vertical switching

7. Vlog shooting assistant artifact

8. Support for tripod mounting

How to use it:

1. Install 3*AA batteries (batteries not included)

2. Put the phone on the stand

3. Download the application "Apai Genie" from Apple Store or Google Play

4. Press the button for 2s, then the red light flashes and the device is turned on

5. Turn on Bluetooth, connect Bluetooth and the application "Apai Genie"

6. Choose a mode and start shooting

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